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Anxious Patients

In our gentle, caring hands there is little to be anxious about!
Dr Isabelle Felice offers multiple options for pain relief at Vaucluse Dental and sedation so that you can relax about your upcoming visit.

All treatments can be carried out under local or topical anaesthetic at no additional charge to you. Other options include:

  • 'Happy Gas' inhalation conscious sedation. This comes at a cost of $195 per appointment. During COVID-19 restrictions this particular Sedation is not available.

  • Intravenous Sedation: A registered physician who provides sedation can be arranged for patients that wish to be asleep or heavily sedated for treatment.

Different things make different people anxious. Be open with us regarding your anxieties so that we can make small changes in the way we practice, making the big difference for you and your overall comfort.


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