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Children’s and Family Dentistry

Good habits start early! Introducing your children to regular dental check-ups and cleaning can make it an enjoyable and educational experience for them.


Dr Isabelle Felice knows that children are receptive to education when they are in a caring environment. She is passionate about educating young people about good oral hygiene and diet choices in the hope that they can avoid preventable dental treatment in the future. The early diagnosis of bite problems and other issues associated with parafunction such as thumb sucking is important to reduce dental issues in adulthood.

Vaucluse Dental supports the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS).
This is a government program that offers $1000 of dental treatment for eligible children.
Please follow this link to assess your eligibility:


Please advise us if you will be using CDBS prior to your appointment so that we can arrange the required consent forms and paperwork for you.

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