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X-rays – Radiographs

Vaucluse Dental uses the highest quality, digital radiograph systems. Our Sirona digital sensor and Sirona OPG takes high resolution images with much lower radiation exposure than conventional film
x-rays. Both these systems provide instantly available viewing for efficient and timely diagnosis.

No. 022

Routine bite-wing x-rays are usually required at intervals of 2 years. They are used to diagnose infection and decay. They also assess decay and leakage under existing fillings or crowns which cannot be assessed with a visual examination alone. They are an important way to diagnose pathology which can prevent you needing more extensive or expensive treatment.
$54 each


No. 022

Periapical radiographs are used to provide closer assessment of specific teeth or specific areas for the diagnosis of pain or infection. They are also indicated prior to other comprehensive treatment such as crowns to rule out any presence of pathology or infection.

$54 each

No. 037

This x-ray has a large field of view. It can be used to look for pathology in the jaws including infection or dental impactions. It is also an important
x-ray to taken between the ages of 8-10 years of age to look at the developing dentition and identify any issues early.


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