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Root Canal Therapy ~ Endodontics

When the nerve inside your tooth is infected; whether caused by injury, a deep cavity or an abscess, a successful root canal treatment allows you to keep your tooth rather than have it extracted.

Dr Isabelle Felice has invested in the latest technology in Endodontics to provide faster treatment and more predictable results.

Endodontic treatment involves the cleaning and shaping of the canal that holds the infected or inflamed nerve tissue in the tooth. The treatment is very case specific but usually takes two to three appointments (specialists can sometimes complete the treatment in one appointment).

The first appointment is for cleaning and removing the infection inside the tooth and can cost between $500 - $800 (not including your health fund rebate). This will depend on the anatomy
of the tooth and the amount of canals present.

The second appointment is to seal the root canal system and prevent re-infection. It can cost between $500 - $800 (not including your health fund rebate).

The Third Appointment is a final restoration which is also required at additional cost. For back
teeth this is usually a crown. For front teeth a simple filling or crown may be indicated.
All options will be discussed with you.   

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