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Invisalign, Clear Aligners and Braces.

Dr Isabelle Felice is a registered provider of  Invisalign™ aligner systems
as well as offering conventional braces to straighten your teeth and enhance your smile. Dr Felice believes that early diagnosis of bite issues can prevent unnecessary dental extractions and airway issues in both children and adults. We offer in-house orthodontic solutions as well as working with some of the best Orthodontists in Sydney.

Dr Isabelle Felice is also an advocate of Myofunctional Therapy and a Myobrace provider.


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Initial Orthodontic Consultation

This consultation and limited exam will allow us to assess your concerns and see if you are a candidate for orthodontic options. We will also provide information about the various treatments and their costs. We can also provide you a referral to a specialist orthodontist if indicated or requested.

Orthodontic Records 
$390 (not including your health fund rebate)

If you decide that you would like to proceed with treatment planning for Invisalign™, Clear Correct™ or other orthodontic options we will take full and comprehensive records including occlusal analysis, photos, impressions, x-rays and periodontal charting.
We will use this information to formulate a formal diagnosis and treatment plan options for your case.

Orthodontic treatment 
Cost ranges between $2000 + for  expanders

$6500 -$9000 for clear aligners (invisalign) (not including your health fund rebate)


All costs will be quoted prior to the commencement of any treatment.


Dr Isabelle Felice is a registered provider of  Invisalign™ and Clear Correct™ aligner systems.



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