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Comprehensive Examinations 

Comprehensive Oral exam - New Patient Exam
(item number 011)
$75 (not including your health fund rebate)


Periodic Oral Exam - Recall
(item number 012)
$65 (not including your health fund rebate)

Our comprehensive and periodical examinations assess all aspects of your oral health including:

  • Updated medical and dental history

  • Extra-oral examination including palpation of nodes and evaluation of the jaw joint including clicking, pain or limited opening

  • Soft tissue evaluation – we look at the soft tissues of the mouth to facilitate the early diagnosis
    of oral cancer or other pathology of the tissue.

  • Gum assessment

  • Plaque and decay risk assessment including saliva analysis if required

  • Assessment of any excessive wear to the teeth from either grinding, clenching or acid erosion.

  • Identification of dental decay or infection. This is done via clinical investigation and may require
    x-rays which are an added cost.

  • Bite and occlusal analysis.

Bite Wing Radiographs

(item number 022)
$54 (not including your health fund rebate)

These x-rays are usually required at intervals of 2 years. They are used to diagnose infection and decay. They also assess decay and leakage under existing fillings or crowns which cannot be assessed with a visual examination alone. They are an important way to pick up pathology early which can prevent you needing more extensive or expensive treatment.


OPG – Panoramic X-ray
(item number 037)
$150 (not including your health fund rebate)

This x-ray has a large field of view. It can be used to look for pathology in the jaws including infection or dental impactions. It is also an important x-ray to taken between the ages of 8-10 years to look at the developing dentition and identify any issues early.


Fluoride Treatment
(item number 121)
$36 (not including your health fund rebate)


Comprehensive periodic check-up, clean and Fluoride package
(item numbers 011/012, 114, 121)
$255 (not including your health fund rebate)  


Possible additional costs if x-rays are required:

2x Bite wing xrays (item 022)

$54 each ($108 in total - not including your health fund rebate)

OPG xray

(item 037)
$150 (not including your health fund rebate)

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